Earlier this year we saw the release of the PC Engine Mini. While nothing for the serious PC Engine gamer, it makes a great collectible or a great gift for somebody you want to introduce to the PC Engine universe.

Sitting on the shelf we definitely felt something was missing though. That tiny card department in the front of the PC Engine (or Core Grafx Mini) is just not supposed to remain empty, so we certainly had to do something about that.

Our set of HuCard dummies comes with six ultra-strong empty cardboard dummies and twelve label stickers, so you can choose the ones you like most. We already had great feedback on those and it’s overall a very enjoyable experience.

Our HuCard dummies perfectly match both the white PC Engine Mini as well as the grey Core Grafx Mini. While the width would probably fit a TurboGrafx Mini as well, the card slot on the TurboGrafx Mini is considerably deeper, so the dummies would be too short sitting in there.

The HuCard dummies are available for shipping worldwide without any restrictions or extra fees, since they can be shipped via regular priority letterpost. Click on the PURCHASE link on top of the page for a quick order form.

If you place an order containing at least two of our boxsets (or an order for our new Arcade Card Gems set plus a copy of Dead of the Brain) you can request a set of HuCard dummies for free (just once!).