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Mega Engine CD-Rom² player system (279 EUR) (available)
Mega Engine units are available for order. Systems include CD Denjin (PC Engine Super CD) and Keio Yugekitai (Mega-CD). You can register your interest using the form below and we will send you a link to our dedicated Mega Engine order form via email in return.

Mega-CD: Keio Yugekitai (59 EUR) (available)
Single game. Japanese instructions and packaging. Includes a set of post cards and an A4-sized reprint of the japanese chirashi (flyer).

HuCard Dummies for your PCE or Core Grafx Mini (19 EUR) (available)
Each pack contains 6 cardboard dummies and 12 label stickers. Titles include Super Star Soldier, Gradius, The Kung Fu, Air Zonk, Space Harrier, New Adventure Island and others. If you place an order for two or more boxsets, you can request a set for free (only once).



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