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PCE Memories Boxset: Arcade Card Gems (129 EUR) (available)
Includes Strider Hiryu, Madou Monogatari, Mad Stalker und Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire in a 25th anniversary picture disc edition. Includes several postcards and two Sapphire mini-posters as well as character cards, a sticker sheet and an art folder for Madou Monogatari. A Sapphire mouse pad is included as long as stock lasts. All titles in this boxset require an Arcade Card Duo or Arcade Pro to run on original hardware. If you bought our Quintessential Works boxset or a single copy of Sapphire from us before, you can get a 20 EUR discount on this set. Please mention it while ordering!

PC Engine: Dead of the Brain 1+2 (49 EUR) (available)
Single game. Japanese in-game text, instructions and packaging.
Also includes a Dead of Brain sticker sheet.

HuCard Dummies for your PCE or Core Grafx Mini (19 EUR) (available)
Each pack contains 6 cardboard dummies and 12 label stickers. Titles include Super Star Soldier, Gradius, The Kung Fu, Air Zonk, Space Harrier, New Adventure Island and others. If you place an order for two or more boxsets, you can request a set for free (only once). The same applies for orders including the new Arcade Card Gems set along with Dead of the Brain 1&2.

Final Match Tennis Ladies (free)
Final Match Tennis is not only one of the best tennis games of all time, but also (along Bomberman) the best multi-player title on the PC Engine. The “Ladies” edition of Final Match Tennis is currently included free with all orders.


2021-JAN-15TH update: we no longer have a minimum order amount in place, but small orders are currently subject to increased transit times. PLEASE CHECK THE CORONA UPDATE POSTED ON tHe FRONT PAGE OF THE BLOG FOR POSSIBLE SHIPPING UPGRADES.