[updated March 17th] TG16 and (regular edition) PC Engine HuCards of Dinoforce are now in stock. If you pre-ordered one, you probably already got a shipping notification :) We have a few copies directly available on hand, so if order one now, it will be shipping within a few days. Check the rest of the posting for shipping updates on other pre-order items.

TG16 HuCards of Dinoforce have been shipping the week following March 6th. This includes orders only containing one or more TG16 HuCards as well as combinations with older catalogue items.

Regular Edition PC Engine HuCards (in both Blue and Amber design variants) have been shipping starting on March 17th. This includes orders containing one or more regular edition PC Engine HuCards as well as combinations of TG16 and PCE Dinoforce HuCards as well as combinations with older catalogue items.

Shipping notifications are usually send the night following the shipping date. If you didn’t get our shipping confirmation and you have a gmail or hotmail email, please check your spam or promotion folders to find your shipping notification. If you still can’t find it or if you need a more detailed status of your order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! We’ll reply to all emails with in 24 hours. Thank you!

Some PWD-703 Plus PCBs have already been shipped. Orders containing a PWD-703 board and PCE or TG16 HuCards of Dinoforce will be shipping next week. Makoto Otake Miyoo Editions or orders containing a Miyoo and a PCE or TG16 HuCard of Dinoforce will be shipping next week as well.

The Special Edition Dinoforce boxsets should be shipping at the end of the Month (March).

The SUPERGRAFX Collection sets are almost done and so are the Battle Ace HuCards, which we added to all pre-orders at no additional costs. This means that the Battle Ace HuCards will be shipped right away with the SGX sets. Shipping SGX pre-orders should also start at the end of the month, but it will take a few days for us to process all orders, so please hang in there. Thanks!