We already teased it a little while ago and some of you might have guessed correctly already. We’re very happy to bring you DINOFORCE on HuCard for PC Engine and Turbografx-16 setups. Pre-orders for HuCards are available and the game’s ROM file can be downloaded free of charge as well! Enjoy!

We got an extensive information page available by clicking here (or on the image below).

You can download the game’s ROM file completely free of charge by following the link to our info page above.Physical HuCard editions are currently available for pre-order. For details on those and all related items, please check the info page linked to above.

To submit a pre-order, please follow this link or click on the PURCHASE button on top of the page or on the image below.

And you can view our teaser trailer. Make sure to watch it on Youtube in 60fps though…