A little FAQ to answer the most common questions. This is a work in progress and we’ll add more answers over time.

Q: Are the games clearly marked as PCEWorks items?
A: To clearly distinguish all items from any 80s or 90s releases, all manuals and discs carry our logo. If you’re ever in doubt about any item you see for sale on eBay or elsewhere, feel free to ask us for any details on noticeable differences.

Q: What’s the quality of the discs and print materials?
A: We strive for the highest quality available. All discs are – of course – factory pressed and will play perfectly fine on your original hardware for decades to come. All print materials are offset-printed for perfect colors and highest resolutions.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: It’s free! Worldwide registered priority airmail shipping in a sturdy box is always included in the prices. Expedited letterpost shipping is no longer available (our post office no longer offers that option). Priority parcel mail is available on request (see below).

Q: What carrier do we use for shipping?
A: Post office and/or DHL. In your country these will usually delivered through your local post office (e.g. USPS in the USA). If you have got a Fedex, UPS or DHL account and prefer to use that, just talk to us. All items are send registered and will require your signature upon their arrival.

Q: Is there any tracking available?
A: Tracking depends on your country’s postal website. Many countries offer great tracking (USA or Japan and almost all European countries), others are less effective. If you need help in finding a suitable website to track your order, just get in touch and we’ll have a look. Canada does no longer offer online tracking for registered mail from Europe. For Canadians this means that your parcel will be trackable on our postal website until it reaches your country, but not after that. Tracking is available for priority parcel mail (see below).

Q: When will my items ship?
A: Orders for items available in stock are shipped within one week of your payment (we will usually ship sooner than that, but consider a week as the maximum). Orders for new releases are shipped in waves – in that case (of if you paid late) it might take a little longer than a week. Of course you will always get a shipping confirmation once your parcel is on its way.

Q: What payment options are available?
A: Usually Paypal. When you place an order, we’ll ask you for your paypal adress, so we can send you a payment request in return. Please don’t send payments on your own. Wire payments to our bank account are available as well, but usually only interesting to European buyers.

Q: What’s the delivery / transit time?
A: After shipping the delivery time is up to the post offices. Usual transit times for European destinations are 5-6 days, Japan about 7-8 days, USA will take 9-14 days. Transit times during the holiday seasons are usually a bit longer than that. Slower destinations in Europe include Spain and Greece with transit times up to 3 weeks. Russia can also take up to 4 weeks and South America (Brazil for example) can unfortunately take really long (6 weeks). Shipping to Canada was fine for the longest time, but transit times got longer and longer in 2017 (up to 6 or 7 weeks due to holdups in customs). As of spring 2018 the transit times to Canada seem to be normal again with 12-15 days.

Q: What about priority parcel mail as an upgrade?
A: By default all of our items are shipped as letterpost items (up to 2kg/4.4lbs per shipping container). For most countries this is fast and very reliable. As an upgrade we can offer shipping via priority parcel mail instead. For most countries this doesn’t make a difference, but for some countries it can speed up the delivery (countries in South America for example) and for others it can add a tracking option otherwise unavailable (Canada). You can check with us, if priority parcel mail makes more sense for your country. For larger orders (exceeding 4kg in shipping weight) we automatically switch over to parcel mail at no extra cost, while for smaller orders please ask about the added costs. Here are a few examples to give you an idea about the added costs:

If you ordering from Russia (Postal Zone 4), it’s 15 EUR extra for a single boxset and 10 EUR for 2-3 boxsets. If you’re ordering from Canada, Mexico, USA, Singapore or Taiwan (all Postal Zone 5), it’s 20 EUR extra for a single boxset and 15 EUR extra for 2-3 boxsets. If you’re ordering from Brazil or Argentina (Postal Zone 6), it’s 25 EUR extra for a single boxset and 20 EUR extra for 2-5 boxsets.

Q: You emailed us, but didn’t hear back yet?
A: Emails are answered within 24 hours. If you didn’t get a reply, your spam filter has probably eaten our reply. Check your settings, check your spam folder and put our adress on your white list. If anything else fails, just leave a comment here on the blog including your email adress. All comments are moderated and won’t get published automatically.

Q: I don’t have a PC Engine. What about games for MY system?
A: The PC Engine is a wonderful system. Get one! Other than that the worldwide market for custom made carts has grown a lot over the past years. Really beautiful Mega Drive carts are available from SEREGA in Japan.