NEC’s mid-90s Arcade Card upgrade to the PC Engine can certainly be considered a somehow ill-fated endeavour. Only a handful titles make good use of the whopping 20mbit of extra memory, while still remain worth playing to this date. Our new set compiles the four most interesting Arcade Card titles into one box.

Included in the Arcade Card Gems collection are Strider Hiryu (late 80s action arcade platformer), Mad Stalker (one on one robot fighting game), Madou Monogatari Episode 1 (cute dungeon crawler) and Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire in a 25th Anniversary picture disc edition with new artwork all around.

Also included with every boxset are some postcards, a sticker sheet, a set of character cards and a mini art-folder for Madou Mongatari as well as two mini posters with some of the new artworks for Sapphire. A Sapphire mouse pad is also included, but only as stock lasts.

Sapphire and Madou Monogatari do come with an additional cover inlay card, so you can select between the original cover artwork and the new one yourself and display which one you like better (see pictures in the gallery below).

If you purchased our Quintessential Works boxset or a single copy of Sapphire directly from us before, than you get a 20 EUR discount on the new Arcade Card Gems boxset. Please mention it while ordering.

If you order the new set along with a copy of the freshly released Dead of the Brain, then you can request a free set of HuCard dummies for the PC Engine Mini (see separate posting on the front page of the blog).

A quick order form is available if you click on PURCHASE on top of the page. Or you can just get in touch via email or our contact form.