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And our Black Friday sale 2021 is now live!! Starting today (November 25th) until Sunday next week (December 5th), we’re offering you nearly our complete back catalogue with some great discounts off the regular prices. And worldwide shipping is of course still included on all the prices. This year’s sale has ended. Continue Reading

Sailor Moon

Starting in mid-July 2021 all orders will include a free copy of Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon (in English) on Super CD-Rom². It’s a Digital Comic (or what you would call a Visual Novel these days) from 1994 with a story-arc exclusive to the game. Continue Reading


Another year, another Black Friday sale! Starting today (11/25) and lasting till Saturday (December 5th), we’re happy to offer you between 25 and 40% discount on all our box sets released between 2014 and 2019. (our sale has now ended!) Continue Reading


NEC’s mid-90s Arcade Card upgrade to the PC Engine can certainly be considered a somehow ill-fated endeavour. Only a handful titles make good use of the whopping 20mbit of extra memory, while still remain worth playing to this date. Our new set compiles the four most interesting Arcade Card titles into one box.

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Originally released almost 12 years after the PC Engine’s release, Dead of the Brain 1&2 marks the very last official commercial release for our favorite console. The game collects both installments of the Cyberpunk / Zombie adventure series into a single game. Continue Reading


Starting in mid-august all orders will include a free copy of Final Match Tennis Ladies on Super CD-Rom². FMT is not only considered one of the best tennis games of all time to this very date, but also (along with Bomberman) one of the best multi-player titles on the PC Engine. Continue Reading


Part of why the PC Engine system had such a cult following in the 80s was certainly Hudson’s and NEC’s engineering marvel called HuCard. While the format itself wasn’t really new, HuCards allowed for a much larger rom size compared to earlier card-based game formats – easily rivaling much larger game cartridges of the same time and thus combining state of the art game sizes with one hell of a sexy format. Continue Reading


As a little gimmick for all fans of the American TurboGrafx-16 and Turbo Duo library out there, we just stocked Camp California. Certainly one of the typically underrated platformers available for the system and originally exclusive to the US. Continue Reading


Our first new set for 2019 and in almost a year. And yes, the PC Engine’s library does indeed offer interesting titles that are not exclusively shoot’em ups, so we’re happy to  introduce the second volume in our Action and Arcade line-up. Continue Reading

Bonk’s Adventure

Starting this spring all orders will include a free copy of Bonk’s Adventure. This is the first adventure of Bonk (PC Genjin in japanese), soon-to-be mascot of the PC Engine. One of the most iconic jump’n’runs to come to the PC Engine. Continue Reading


Starting in late August 2018 all orders* will include a free copy of Dark Left  (*limited to one per person). Dark Left was only (re-) discovered very recently. Continue Reading


Although VALIS wasn’t exclusive to the PCE by any means, the series just feels home on NEC’s 8-bit power house. This boxset compiles the four PCE entries to the series while adding the English versions of Valis II and III as well as the Japan-exclusive Visual Collection disc for a whopping 7 CDs in total. Continue Reading


We just added HuCard sleeves to our catalogue. These are a perfect replacement for your missing or sticky HuCard (or TG-16) sleeves. Of course they also match Sega Master System (or SG1000) cards or any other similar sized cards.

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Our new freebie for orders during the first half of 2018: starting right now all orders* will include a free copy of Tengai Makyô Deden no Den (*limited to one per person).

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At the end of this month our favorite video game console, the PC ENGINE will celebrate its 30th Anniversary. To commemorate this date, we’re having a BIG SALE running until October 29/30. (The sale is over.)


This month’s double feature focuses on two of the most iconic PC ENGINE titles, SPLATTERHOUSE and MAGICAL CHASE. But instead of just aiming at the PCE renditions of these titles, we went beyond the scope of our regular presentations and created two neat little fan packages, that aren’t exclusively aimed at PCE users, but at fans of these two games in general.

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Over the next month we’ll try to restock some of the out-of-stock items. First title back in stock is the Deluxe Edition of Akumajou Dracula X. If you signed up for an email notification, you should have gotten that email by now. EDIT: all gone.


While shoot’em up fans had some good times with our last boxset, let’s not forget that the PC Engine had a tremendous line up of really great titles of all varieties available. With our PUZZLE AND ACTION set, we focus on four great and unique titles, that shouldn’t be missing from any collection.

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X’mas Double Feature

With the year coming to an end, we have two more PC Engine Memories boxsets for you to enjoy. SHOOTING LEGENDS containing Spriggan, Spriggan mark2, Steam Hearts and Nexzr (plus Nexzr Special) and MAHJONG DREAMS bringing you one of the rarest PCE titles in existence. Continue Reading


Before we head off into an exciting winter with brandnew titles, here’s one more set for the new PC Engine fans out there. Titled QUINTESSENTIAL WORKS the boxset contains Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, Rockman and Space Fantasy Zone and takes us back to humble beginnings. Continue Reading


of the BEST OF JAPAN boxset is now available in stock. One last chance to get our first boxset. Contents are identical to the original release from 2014. Cosmetics of the boxset were slightly updated.

Free Bombs!

Good news: every order* over the next few months will include a free copy of Bomberman (* limited to one per person).

Richter’s Comeback

If you missed last year’s Akumajou Dracula X Deluxe version, now’s your chance to grab a standard edition. The re-issue comes in a golden keep case and includes the same same (english) full color manual along with the mini ad foldout and the bookmark as included with last year’s deluxe release.

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The Gems Bundle

We continue to celebrate the Summer of PCE with a beautiful digipak presentation of one of the PCE’s finest, Akumajou Dracula X, along with one of the system’s greatest hidden gems, Force Gear.

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Belmont Survival Kit

Before dedicing on a title or a packaging concept we usually survey a few dozen fans and collectors to see what’s doable and what’s requested. The result of one of these surveys is the Limited Edition Belmont Survival Kit.

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The Limited BMT Bundle

Welcome to the Summer of PCE! Available for shipping starting on June 20th is another exquisite 3-game bundle. Included are the deluxe Editions of Beyond Shadowgate and Might & Magic III as well the great caravan rendition of Konami’s classic Twin Bee Arcade shoot’em up.

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PCE Memories II

Available for shipping in late november, we’re proud to present our second PC Engine Memories boxset – this time labeled the Turbo Duo Edition. While the first entry took a look at what’s Big in Japan, the second one takes a look at populour titles among Turbo Duo owners. The titles included are Godzilla, Bonk’s Big Adventure and The Dynastic Hero.

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Limited Edition Coins

Each of the Limited Edition “PC Engine Memories” boxsets will come with an exclusive gold coin (well, not actually gold, but really shiny anyway and amazingly collectable!). The coin features Momotarou on its back. Some more close-up shots in the attached gallery.

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PCE Memories

To be launching in late September (of 2014), what you see above is a beautiful boxset containing four of the PCE’s most iconic titles coming out of Japan. The boxset is called the Best of Japan and included are Renny Blaster, Faussete Amour, Kaze Kiri Ninja Action and Sylphia. The set will first be available as a limited edition of a hundred pieces.

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