Although VALIS wasn’t exclusive to the PCE by any means, the series just feels home on NEC’s 8-bit power house. This boxset compiles the four PCE entries to the series while adding the English versions of Valis II and III as well as the Japan-exclusive Visual Collection disc for a whopping 7 CDs in total.

Valis is best described as a series of iconic action jump’n’runs. The heavy addition of anime cut scenes and voice acting made the series feel very unique on a CD based system like the PC Engine. Conversions to other systems, either on floppy disc or cartridge always had a hard time to deliver the full package on these titles.

The slipscase contains 7 CDs (in four jewel cases, three of them holding two discs each). Additional English manuals are included for Valis II and III. A set of postcards, an art folder (for the original Valis) and a A3 mini-poster accompany the set. And – only while stock lasts – two pins and a fridge magnet top off our offer.

The set is available to order now and will start shipping around July 27th.

Early orders will also include one of our PCE 30th Anniversary collector’s coins and all orders include a copy of DEDEN NO DEN for free.