We just added HuCard sleeves to our catalogue. These are a perfect replacement for your missing or sticky HuCard (or TG-16) sleeves. Of course they also match Sega Master System (or SG1000) cards or any other similar sized cards.

These come in packs of 25 sleeves per box and we offer a discount for buying multiple boxes. These are the prices (including worldwide shipping of course):

1 box (= 25 sleeves) (29 EUR)
2 boxes (= 50 sleeves) (50 EUR)
4 boxes (= 100 sleeves) (75 EUR = 25% off)
10 boxes (= 250 sleeves) (175 EUR = 30% off)
20 boxes (= 500 sleeves) (325 EUR = 35% off)

The sleeves are modeled after the original sleeves and are a perfect size match for the original PCE/TG-16 HuCard/Turbochip cases (see picture below).

If you are removing sticky sleeves from your collection, make sure to scrub your HuCards with alcohol before putting them into a fresh sleeve. We found that – especially when the cards haven’t been removed from their sleeves for a decade or two – the old sleeves tend to leave a sticky film on the HuCard’s plastic.