Starting in late August 2018 all orders* will include a free copy of Dark Left  (*limited to one per person). Dark Left was only (re-) discovered very recently.

Dark Left is an unfinished 2-stage vertical shoot’em up demo (or proto) that rested undiscovered in the depths of the PC Engine libraby for the longest time. It was originally included with the PC Engine release of Tenshi no Uta II, but hidden and only accessable through a cheat code used on the System Card warning screen. This means that not only the actual cheat code was required, but also that it wasn’t accessable on your average Duo setup with its integrated System Card 3.0.

Our freebie for the next months boots on all PC Engine setups no matter which system card is used.

Dark Left remains unfinished though. It’s terribly unbalanced and very hard. It can be finished and will return to the title screen once the 2nd stage is complete. The game does not feature any in-game music. The title screen music was added by us.