And now for something completely different! Well, almost…. If you’re an avid PC Engine collector, then there’s a good chance, you like NEC’s successor system, the PC-FX just as much. And this is why you might need our PC-FX Essential Collection.

There aren’t too many great PC-FX games and the few there are are really, really expensive these days. A good reason to compile the four (or five, counting our bonus game) essential PC-FX titles into one gorgeous boxset!

The heavy-duty slip case contains Chip-Chan Kick! (a great single screen platformer reminiscent of Parasol Stars or Snow Bros.), Choujin Heiki Zeroigar (the system’s only true shoot’em up and a really nice one after all), Tengai Makyo: Dennou Karakuri Kakutouden (FMV Fighting with characters from Red’s Far East of Eden RPG series) and of course Kishin Douji Zenki FX (the system’s greatest title, a beautiful horizontal action beat’em up).

Chip-Chan Kick! and Zeroigar are presented in their original jewel case format, while Tengai Makyo and Zenki FX come in big boxes resembling their original PC-FX packaging formats as close as we could manage (same height and depth, just a little bit wider). Of course the two big box titles also include their original sized manuals.

Included as a free bonus with all sets are the English translation of Welcome to Pia carrot!! (Pia Kyarotto he Yōkoso!!) and a nice and heavy enamel pin to show off your PC-FX dedication everywhere you go.

All the titles in this set will of course run on your original PC-FX console, but the good news is that they’ll also run on any modern Windows PC equipped with an optical disc drive. The installation process for a matching emulator is as easy as it gets and the games run directly from disc. An installation guide will be available, once the sets are shipping.

The set will have a very limited run and due to the size and cost of the slip case, we won’t be able to restock this one after the initial run is gone. Now in stock and ready for shipping.

More pictures are available in our PC-FX ESSENTIAL COLLECTION gallery: