While the SuperGrafx wasn’t NEC’s most successful endeavor, the system is of course still an important part of the PC Engine family. With its graphical power it offered some of the finest titles of its time and with more and more compatible systems becoming available, it’s time to honor the system by collecting its most important titles into one gorgeous collection.

The heavy-duty slipcase contains four HuCards, each of course with its own cardboard case – just like the originals. The included titles are 1941 – Counter Attack (vertical shoot’em up and arcade conversion), Aldynes (horizontal shoot’em up), Daimakaimura aka Ghouls’n Ghosts (legendary arcade action title) and Madou o Granzört (action platformer based on on a late 80s anime series).

The boxset offers enough space to house two more titles, so you can add your own titles (like Battle Ace).

The set also includes a bronze metal SuperGrafx pin, a beautiful canvas print of the SuperGrafx console and a mini-poster of Daimakaimura.

Of course all titles included in the set require a SuperGrafx system to be played. The good news is that more and more compatible systems are showing up (Polymega, Hyperkin’s PC Engine clone, the Analogue Pocket or the Analogue Duo), so we consider this set highly collectible – even if you don’t have a genuine SuperGrafx setup.

The set has a single production run only. We won’ be able to restock the set after the initial production run is sold. We might offer the included titles on their own though eventually. If you’re interested in those, just get in touch.

The SuperGrafx Collection was unfortunately delayed. It will now be shipping in late March 2023. We are adding a free BATTLE ACE HuCard to all paid pre-orders.

More pictures are available in our SUPERGRAFX COLLECTION gallery.