Two full years since our last entry to the series and we’re back one final time with the fifth and final chapter in our Shooting Legends series. Once more four incredible PC Engine shoot’em ups collected in one neat set.

Included in the fifth and FINAL instalment of SHOOTING LEGENDS are Download 2 (great horizontal shoot’em up with fantastic parallax scrolling and awesome enemy boss designs), Metamor Jupiter (experimental shooting with a ship that can switch firing directions at the push of a button), Macross 2036 (horizontal mecha shooting action inspired by the ultra popular anime series) and Psychic Storm (one of the lesser known, but incredible good vertical shoot’em ups on the system).

When ordering our fifth Shooting Legends set, you can also add CD Denjin at a reduced price (29 EUR instead of 49 EUR). CD Denjin was originally included in our Mega Engine bundle.

If you’re new to our SHOOTING LEGENDS series of boxsets, we are also offering a set with all five Shooting Legends volumes plus Forgotten Worlds as a free bonus title. Email us for details!

More pictures of the new SHOOTING LEGENDS V boxset in our gallery: