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We already teased it a little while ago and some of you might have guessed correctly already. We’re very happy to bring you DINOFORCE on HuCard for PC Engine and Turbografx-16 setups. Pre-orders for HuCards are available and the game’s ROM file can be downloaded free of charge as well! Enjoy! Continue Reading

Keio Yugekitai MCD

Keio Yugekitai is one of the two pack-in games for our Mega Engine machine, but is of course also available on its own. Keio Flying Squadron (as it was known in the west) beefs up its classic horizontal shoot’em up gameplay with a storyline told through FMV scenes and (unfortunately) a quite brutal difficulty curve – especially for players new to the genre.

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Starting in late August 2018 all orders* will include a free copy of Dark Left  (*limited to one per person). Dark Left was only (re-) discovered very recently. Continue Reading