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We already teased it a little while ago and some of you might have guessed correctly already. We’re very happy to bring you DINOFORCE on HuCard for PC Engine and Turbografx-16 setups. Pre-orders for HuCards are available and the game’s ROM file can be downloaded free of charge as well! Enjoy! Continue Reading


Today the PC ENGINE is celebrating its 35th Anniversary. October 30th, 1987 was the launch of the original white PC ENGINE system in Japan. Of course we’re also celebrating with a BIG SALE starting today and running for a full month until Black Friday at the end of November. [NOW OVER]

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SuperGrafx Collection

While the SuperGrafx wasn’t NEC’s most successful endeavor, the system is of course still an important part of the PC Engine family. With its graphical power it offered some of the finest titles of its time and with more and more compatible systems becoming available, it’s time to honor the system by collecting its most important titles into one gorgeous collection. Continue Reading


We just opened orders for the first batch of Mega Engine units. If you registered your interest earlier this year, then you already got an invitation email with a link to our Mega Engine order form.

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Sailor Moon

Starting in mid-July 2021 all orders will include a free copy of Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon (in English) on Super CD-Rom². It’s a Digital Comic (or what you would call a Visual Novel these days) from 1994 with a story-arc exclusive to the game. Continue Reading


Starting in mid-august all orders will include a free copy of Final Match Tennis Ladies on Super CD-Rom². FMT is not only considered one of the best tennis games of all time to this very date, but also (along with Bomberman) one of the best multi-player titles on the PC Engine. Continue Reading


Part of why the PC Engine system had such a cult following in the 80s was certainly Hudson’s and NEC’s engineering marvel called HuCard. While the format itself wasn’t really new, HuCards allowed for a much larger rom size compared to earlier card-based game formats – easily rivaling much larger game cartridges of the same time and thus combining state of the art game sizes with one hell of a sexy format. Continue Reading

PCE Memories II

Available for shipping in late november, we’re proud to present our second PC Engine Memories boxset – this time labeled the Turbo Duo Edition. While the first entry took a look at what’s Big in Japan, the second one takes a look at populour titles among Turbo Duo owners. The titles included are Godzilla, Bonk’s Big Adventure and The Dynastic Hero.

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PCE Memories

To be launching in late September (of 2014), what you see above is a beautiful boxset containing four of the PCE’s most iconic titles coming out of Japan. The boxset is called the Best of Japan and included are Renny Blaster, Faussete Amour, Kaze Kiri Ninja Action and Sylphia. The set will first be available as a limited edition of a hundred pieces.

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