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Legendary for many reasons, Darius Alpha is certainly one of the best known PC Engine titles (albeit being one of the rarest). Darius Alpha never saw a regular retail release, but was instead given away in a raffle for PC Engine users that had purchased both Super Darius (on CD) and Darius Plus (on HuCard) before. Continue Reading

PCE Memories II

Available for shipping in late november, we’re proud to present our second PC Engine Memories boxset – this time labeled the Turbo Duo Edition. While the first entry took a look at what’s Big in Japan, the second one takes a look at populour titles among Turbo Duo owners. The titles included are Godzilla, Bonk’s Big Adventure and The Dynastic Hero.

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PCE Memories

To be launching in late September (of 2014), what you see above is a beautiful boxset containing four of the PCE’s most iconic titles coming out of Japan. The boxset is called the Best of Japan and included are Renny Blaster, Faussete Amour, Kaze Kiri Ninja Action and Sylphia. The set will first be available as a limited edition of a hundred pieces.

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