Keio Yugekitai is one of the two pack-in games for our Mega Engine machine, but is of course also available on its own. Keio Flying Squadron (as it was known in the west) beefs up its classic horizontal shoot’em up gameplay with a storyline told through FMV scenes and (unfortunately) a quite brutal difficulty curve – especially for players new to the genre.

Keio was a short-lived series born on the Mega-CD (with its sequel available on Sega’s Saturn), but still managed to make quite an impact. As a cute’em up it features a lot of quirky characters and manages to keep its appeal alive even today. While certainly one of the finer games available on the Mega-CD platform, Keio remains rough around the edges and is nowhere as polished as the really great shoot’em ups of that era.

Keio Yugekitai comes with a set of post cards and an A4 sized replica of the japanese chirashi (flyer). Please note that contrary to PC Engine CD games, Mega-CD titles are region locked, so this version of Keio will – when run on orginal hardware – only boot on japanese setups. Running the game on newer hardware (like our Mega Engine or your PC) will be fine of course.