The global shutdown is still affecting us all. While post offices worldwide are trying to get back to business as usual, there are still many service limitations or suspensions in place to several countries around the globe. Here you can find an overview of what’s still causing problems. We will update this posting over the coming months to reflect any noteworthy changes.

Status as of Friday, August 14th.

Regular postal services are available for the most parts of EuropeAsian countries are mostly back in service (with a few small exceptions). Shipments to many countries in Middle and South America are possible again (e.g. Mexico, Argentina or Brazil). Shipments to Canada are working well, but are currently at risk of being delayed in transit (due to being forwarded by sea instead of air freight). A few countries like Australia or New Zealand are still “out of service” for the moment.

For the USA only postal services for larger parcels are available, which negatively affects shipping costs for smaller parcels. For details, please check the paragraph at the bottom.

Regular postal services to the following countries are still suspended. (Shipments might be possible at considerably higher costs, just check in with us!)

  • Australia (available for larger orders and/or at increased cost)
  • New Zealand (available for larger orders and/or at increased cost)
  • Some Locations in the Caribbean

Countries with previously limited services like Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea or Thailand are currently back in service.

A special note for shipments to the USA:

For deliveries to the USA (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico) our post office has suspended the acceptance of small packets only (that’s the service we usually use). We can still use parcel services to send items to the USA, but this is considerably more expensive (as it’s usually meant for larger parcels). In late june we resumed shipping to US destinations, but unfortunately with a few new conditions in place.

First there’s a minimum order amount of 75 EUR in place. This unfortunately means no single-game orders for the time being. We simply can’t justify a shipping fee of 30 EUR or higher for an order with a 39 EUR total.

Second, due to the heavily increased cost, we’ll charge an additional 10 EUR fee to all orders to the US with a total amount under 150 EUR. Remember that we never charged any shipping costs (all our prices already include international shipping) and we hope that this fee will only be temporary as well. The additional costs per parcel, we’re facing right now, can reach up to $50 per parcel, so even a €10 fee can only take the edge off those costs, but rarely actually cover them.

In the meantime: please stay safe and healthy!