Corona is still affecting postal services around the globe. There are still many service limitations or suspensions in place to several countries around the globe. Here you can find an overview of what’s still causing problems. We will continue to update this thread accordingly.

Status as of Friday, JANUARY 15th 2021.

First and foremost and while not corona-related: Great Britain has left the EU with the start of 2021. Combined with corona-related safe measures, this initially caused quite some chaos over the past weeks. Our first shipments to the UK in 2021 went smoothly, so we’re now back to accepting orders from UK customers.

Europe: in December many countries in Europe had limitations in place. France had to suspend postal services even completely for a few days. This seems to be back to normal by now. We expect smaller service-limitations here and there, but in general shipping to all countries in Europe should be fine. Greece and Italy have some size restrictions for parcels in place (60cm max for the largest side), but that’s usually not a problem.

Asia: all countries are currently back in service. For some countries the costs of transportation has increased (but that’s not your concern, but ours), others are warning of slightly increased transit times (like Japan). In general shipping to all countries in Asia should be fine though.

Australia and Oceania: regular parcels to Australia and New Zealand are currently facing increased transit times due to combined air/sea-freight forwarding. Our post office states plus 3 to 4 extra weeks for small parcels.

Americas: some countries in the Caribbean had and continue to have limited services. Brazil is back in service, but small parcels might take a few weeks extra (mainly due to customs handling in the destination country). Canada is open for service, but our post office is warning that a large portion of all parcels are currently forwarded by sea instead of air freight. In our experience that’s not the case. Even parcels during the holiday season arrived rather quickly at all Canadian destinations. Chile is one of the few countries that we currently can’t ship to, unless it’s bigger order.

USA: the United States are a mess right now. The US currently have reduced postal and customs capacities on the east coast. This can cause transit delays of several weeks. Some more details below.


If you’re placing a bigger order, always check in with us for the possibility of express shipping. DHL Express is pretty much able to reach all locations in 3-4 working days and the extra costs might be less than what you’d expect. 


More information on the shipping situation for orders from the US:

Our post office basically offers three ways of shipping items registered: tracked priority airmail for small packets (that’s anything up to 2kg/4.4lbs). Economy parcel services (slower shipping for parcels above 2kg) and premium parcel services (for priority airmail service for parcels above 2kg).

Usually all of our prices already include shipping and this means tracked prirority airmail for small orders and premium parcel service for bigger orders. We used those services for years and transit time to the US was always under two weeks (maybe except for the holidays, but that’s another topic).

Small packet services had been suspended for shipments to the US for almost half a year in 2020 due to corona-related capacity problems. They’re now available again, but our post office is warning that all those small packets are currently forwarded to the US by sea freight instead of regular air freight, which mean an extra 3-4 weeks of transit time.

In december (when shipping our black friday orders) we upgraded all small packets to premium parcel service (for parcels under 2.2 lbs this means three times the shipping cost!), but without too much effect. We guess that the combination of everlasting capacity problems combined with the usual holiday parcel traffic caused total gridlocks in the USPS parcel centers and customs offices on the east coast. We’ve been monitoring most parcels and we see lots of successful deliveries after 5-6 total transit times with some parcels still being in transit.

For the comings months we expect small packet services to remain slow, but we also expect premium parcel services to at least get back to under 3 weeks of total transit time to most US destinations.

All of our prices still include free small packet shipping. Orders above 2kg/4.4lbs are automatically shipped using premium parcel service instead. For oders under 2kg (but above 100 EUR) we can upgrade you for 15 EUR extra. Orders under 100 EUR can’t be upgraded (it’s just not worth it spending more of 30% of an order’s total on shipping).

For largers orders we recommend a DHL Express upgrade for roughly 40 EUR.


In the meantime – as usual: please stay safe and healthy!