The global shutdown is still affecting us all. While we are available and ready for business, our post office has still suspended or limited its services to several countries. We will give you an overview on what’s limited right here and will update the post accordingly over the next weeks.

Status as of Thursday, May 28th.

Short version: regular postal services are available for the most part of Europe. Asian countries are mostly back in service (with a few small exceptions). Shipments to many countries in Middle and South America are possible again (e.g. Mexico, Argentina or Brazil). Shipments to Canada are possible but currently heavily delayed (most items are forwarded by sea freight). For the USA only postal services for larger parcels are available (see details at the bottom of this post). The situation for Australia is the same as for the United States. Express shipments to all countries around the globe are available at cost (too expensive for small parcels, but if you need a larger order delivered right now, the costs are not out of this world).

Postal services to the following countries were suspended, but are available again:

  • Brazil
  • Canada (with heavily increased transit times)
  • China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan)
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • South Korea
  • Thailand

Postal services to the following countries are still suspended until further notice:
(Express shipments at an increased cost are still available)

  • New Zealand
  • Caribbean locations (like Dominican Republic)

For shipments to the USA (and Australia) our post office has suspended the acceptance of small packets only (that’s the service we usually use). We can still use parcel services to send items to the USA, but this is considerably more expensive (as it’s meant for larger parcels). If you’re in the USA (or Australia) and your order contains three or more boxsets, then we’ll swallow the extra costs (about $55 in extra costs). If you want to place a smaller order and really need the items right away, check in with us to learn about the extra cost.

In the meantime: please stay safe and healthy!