Welcome to our Cyber Week Sale 2019 (and let’s celebrate 5 years PCEWorks while we’re at it). Instead of joining the craze on just a single day, we’ll offer you great discounts for a whole week! (our sale has now ended…)

All items have been shipped. Please note that customs clearence in the destination country will currently take a little longer than usual. For parcels shipped to the USA we’re currently looking at roughly 10-12 days processing time compared to the usual 5 days outside the christmas parcel mayhem. Customs clearence time period is the time between the parcel’s arrival in the US and the first tracking update stateside (on the USPS.com website). So if you’re reading “Pre-Shipment. Origin post is preparing shipment” it doesn’t mean that your parcel is still over here, it means that your parcel is currently in customs at the US east coast. Have a little patience!