Here we are with the 4th instalment in our Shooting Legends series. Four more masterpieces to round up your shooting collection. Perfect for long winter evenings at home with your PC Engine.

Included in the fourth instalment of SHOOTING LEGENDS are Terraforming (great horizontal shoot’em up with a weird bio-mechnical design), Kiaidan 00 (horizontal shooting action where you take control of a giant mecha), R-Type Complete CD (remix version of both R-Type HuCards along with new cut scenes and a new sountrack) and Star Parodier (Hudson’s take on Parodius, based on the classic Star Soldier game play).

Included with every boxset are a Star Parodier pamphlet and postcard, sticker sheets for Star Parodier and R-Type (to be found inside the game manuals) and an additional game disc with FANTASY STAR SOLDIER (a US release candidate of Star Parodier).

Additionally included (but only as long as stock lasts) are an enamel pin of the PC Engine space ship from Star Parodier as well as woven patch of the classic IREM arcade logo.

The set is now available to order will start shipping in the second week of november  (probably on november 14th or 15th).

If you’re ordering the new boxset and you already bought the previous three instalments in the Shooting Legends series, then we’ll include copy of FORGOTTEN WORLDS with your order for free!

More pictures of the new SHOOTING LEGENDS IV boxset in our gallery: