Our first new set for 2019 and in almost a year. And yes, the PC Engine’s library does indeed offer interesting titles that are not exclusively shoot’em ups, so we’re happy to  introduce the second volume in our Action and Arcade line-up.

Included in this set are Gain Ground SX, Nec’s take on one of Sega’s weirdest (but yet intriguing) arcade titles from the 80s. On first sight GGSX looks like a slow-mo fantasy version of Mercs, while it’s actually a very “strategic” run and gun title. Galaxy Deka Gayvan (or Galaxy Keiji Deka if you go by the game’s furigana) is a neat little sci-fi themed brawler, that probably not too many played back in the days. Mystic Formula now actually is that fantasy version of Mercs. Chose from four magic wielding mercenaries to battle your way through multi-directionally scrolling stages filled with gorgeous enemies and bosses. A great top down run and gun exlusive to the PC Engine.

Double Dragon 2 is certainly the best known title here. The PC Engine version of the classic 80s two-player brawler sits right between the arcade original and the beloved NES version (which is certainly a classic of its own).

Included with the set is a A3 miniposter, a collectable post card and two stickers for Double Dragon 2.

The set is now available to order and will start shipping during the first week of october. All orders will include our current “freebie” game, which is Bonk’s Adventure (the first one) on CD.