Winter is coming (literally) and what’s more suited for a cold winter evening than a bunch of enjoyable (but still nerve-wrecking) shoot’em ups? The titles in our new addition to the Shooting Legends series will make you sweat – at all temperatures.

Included in this third installment of SHOOTING LEGENDS are Hellfire-S (Nec’s take on one of Toaplan’s most iconic shoot’em ups), Super Darius II (fabulous single screen conversion of Taito’s arcade classic; plus Super Darius I as an added bonus disc), Gate of Thunder (Red’s Super CD showcase and take on Tecnosoft’s Tunderforce series) and Winds of Thunder (hands down one of the best PC Engine titles ever and probably the best soundtrack ever to appear in a video game; plus a second game disc featuring the arrange soundtrack from the international Mega / Sega CD version).

Also included with each set is a Superplay DVD of Super Darius. This massive 110-minute superplay shows all 26 stages of the game. The superplay was originally published on laserdisc in Japan and that’s where the video was sourced from.

And because Winds of Thunder (known as Lords of Thunder in the USA) features one of the greatest soundtracks in video game history and because it would be lame to include a soundtrack CD (because you can already pop your PCE discs into any CD player and listen to the red book audio tracks), we are offering a soundtrack music cassette with this boxset. The cassette comes with a cardboard slipcase and features tracks from the original PC Engine / Turbo Duo release and tracks from the arranged Sega / Mega CD score. [a small word on the technical details: we put quite some effort into sourcing proper machinery and tape material to make the tapes sound really good, but both the machines and the tapes remain vintage. MOST of the tapes will be perfectly fine, but a few tapes might exhibit dropouts or other issues. If you run into any issues, just get in touch!]

The set is now available to order and will start shipping around November 7th.

All orders currently still include a copy of DARK LEFT, a very obscure, unfinished vertical shoot’em up.