The PC Engine’s library is famous for its plethora of great shoot’em ups. Far more than what we could cover with our first Shootings Legends set from late 2016. So, our second boxset for this summer is a continuation of just that. 

Included in this second installment of SHOOTING LEGENDS are Zero Wing (horizontal arcade shoot’em up and source of the “all your base are belong to us” meme), Rayxanber III (an ultra-hard horizontal shooter, along with Rayxanber II as a bonus disc), Image Fight II (vertical shooter) and Cotton (horizontal shooter and start to that iconic 80s and 90s series). All in japanese (in game text, manuals and packaging).

A tradition back in the days was to release a new Cotton game with a collectable Cotton tea cup for preorders or through certain distribution channels. Well, we added one to the collection and so we have a very nice Cotton tea cup available as an optional add-on. The cup is made from finest bone china and is of course handleless compared to your average western “mug”. Overseas orders including a cup will likely ship in two seperate parcels, while European orders will probably receive it within the same package.

Included as additional goodies are the FM Towns version of the very first original Rayxanber game, two Cotton postcards, a laminated Irem sticker (inside the Image Fight II jewel case). Early orders for this boxset will also include one of our coins. We still have PC Genjin (Bonk) ones available as well as the Anniversary coin we issued last october (state your choice or receive either one).

The set is now available to order and will start shipping on August 30th.

All orders also include a free copy of DARK LEFT and don’t forget that we also have a very nice A2 COTTON POSTER available for order.