PC Engine setups are notorious for one thing: losing their saved data. The internal save banks on the interface units and inside the Duo systems are using capacitors to hold their data over time. So even back in the days not using your system for a year or so meant whispering goodbye to your save games.

And today, with many of the large caps going dry, even a few days of not powering your system can kill all your progress and hi-scores.

And of course NEC didn’t exactly mean for you to pass on your saves games to friends either. That’s why Hudson introduced the Tennokoe Bank card in 1991. That’s a battery backed S-RAM card, that allows to you backup your internal storage or bring save games over to your friends’ and even has 4-times the internal capacity. Actually similar to the Neo Geo backup cards, but of course much more useful with the number of RPGs and action adventures around on the Engine.

And while you can easily pick up cheap Tennokoe Bank cards these days, unfortunately most of their batteries have also died by now.

But cry no more, because James from the UK is now offering completely refurbished Tennokoe bank cards with brandnew batteries (or you can send in yours to get the batteries replaced nice and clean). James is offering his services at (of course)


Your PC Engine deserves one of these. Today!