This month’s double feature focuses on two of the most iconic PC ENGINE titles, SPLATTERHOUSE and MAGICAL CHASE. But instead of just aiming at the PCE renditions of these titles, we went beyond the scope of our regular presentations and created two neat little fan packages, that aren’t exclusively aimed at PCE users, but at fans of these two games in general.

Both titles include japanese* HuCards, a black one for Splatterhouse and and a white one for Magical Chase. The included HuCards were provided by TG-16 Mods in Canada. They do great work and you can get in touch with them for all your HuCard needs. (*US-compatible HuCards on request)

The Splatterhouse package combines the japanese HuCard version of the game with the FM Towns conversion (complete with manual and registration card), the arcade-perfect japanese 32-bit Windows version and an additional disc with an emulated PCE version (in case you don’t have access to your japanese PCE). Also included is a woven Splatterhouse patch, an collectable enamel pin and a bunch of printed extras.

Magical Chase get you the japanese HuCard version (plus japanese full color manual), the rare japanese 16-bit Windows version and an additional disc with an emulated PCE version for quick access on modern PCs. Also included is an enamel pin, post cards and a double-sided A3 art print with the new art by Nashi.

Due to the limited nature of the extras and the included HuCards, we will only be offering a single batch of these two. One these are gone, there won’t be any restock. Double sets include one of our collector’s coins and of course a free copy of Alzadick will be included with all orders (while stocks last for both the coins and Alzadick).

(Windows versions of both games have been tested on a number of systems, but compatibility, especially of the japanese windows versions remains limited and basic knowledge about locale emus might be required.)