With the year coming to an end, we have two more PC Engine Memories boxsets for you to enjoy. SHOOTING LEGENDS containing Spriggan, Spriggan mark2, Steam Hearts and Nexzr (plus Nexzr Special) and MAHJONG DREAMS bringing you one of the rarest PCE titles in existence.


This one combines four of the system’s most popular shoot’em ups. Seirei Senshi Spriggan is probably the most technical advanced title for systems not yet equipped with a Super System Card. The game runs on the basic CD system, yet rivals even the best Super System Card or even Arcade Card titles. And it not just looks great, but plays like a dream.

The sequel (Spriggan mark2) is a great horizontal shoot’em up with a very unique weapon system, basically combining mecha elements (like in Assault Suit Leynos) with a classic scrolling STG title.

Steam Hearts (or Heart’s if you prefer the original title) started as an adult title on japanese computer systems. Although the console versions (both PCE and Saturn) are tuned down in terms of ecchi-ness, the title remains a unique addition to the late PC Engine library. The boxset includes a A3 mini poster for Steam Hearts as well as two picture foldouts, one with character concept art, the other with cut scenes “removed” from the console versions.

Nexzr is another great vertical shoot’em up. It features fantastic technical presention, but combines it with an extreme level of difficulty. Nexzr SPECIAL is included as a bonus disc. It adds a caravan mode (Naxat’s Summar Carnival ’93), but loses the cut scenes instead.

SHOOTING LEGENDS will start shipping on January 11th.


That’s a special one! Probably not a title for the more casual PCE gamer, but still a great collectable. With this boxset we bring you SUPER REAL MAHJONG PII-III CUSTOM SPECIAL in a wonderful limited edition. SRM23CS is one of the rarest PC Engine titles in existence – with just a handful known copies to exist today (and catching prices of several thousand $$ per copy).

Super Real Mahjong PII-III Custom Special was a giveaway in a contest from Naxat and was never available commercially or in any way. Naxat took the existing PCE game and re-instated the ecchi (nude) graphics from the original arcade (and japanese computer) version of the game.

So, yes, this is technically still “just” a Mahjong game, but that’s nothing to be afraid of. Super Real Mahjong is a classic arcade title with fast gameplay and easy wins  (if you know the basic Mahjong rules). To make the game more interesting for a wider audience we created a nice collector’s set, the LIMITED PANTSU EDITION.

The game comes in a boxset along with a little art folder and a DVD (NTSC, region free) containing the original Super Real Mahjong OVA (for the first time ever on DVD and for the first time with English subtitles) and some extras (like all the strip cut scenes of the arcade version!). Also included is a sticker sheet and – hence the name – a pair of striped girls’ panties. Think of it as your booby prize if you can’t win in the game ;-) (colors of the panties are random. Seven colors are available: purple, red, light pink, pink, blue, black and cyan. There’s no way of telling the color from the outside, so don’t ask us.) Also included with the boxset is a double-sided A3 mini poster with Miki, Kasumi and Showko.

MAHJONG DREAMS will start shipping at the end of December.

Both boxsets are available to order starting now. For prices and current availability always check the availability tab on top of the page.