Before we head off into an exciting winter with brandnew titles, here’s one more set for the new PC Engine fans out there. Titled QUINTESSENTIAL WORKS the boxset contains Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire, Rockman and Space Fantasy Zone and takes us back to humble beginnings.

Collectors and fans, that have been with us for some years now, will recognize the titles as these have been available a few years back already. Nevertheless Sapphire remained one of the most requested titles these past years and we’re happy to see it back on its own and as part of this PCE Memories boxset. Please note though that Sapphire still requires an Arcade Card Duo or Pro.

Space Fantasy Zone represents a complete upgrade. For the first time with a full japanese manual and of course on factory pressed discs. If you bought SFZ from us before, you can get a disc-upgrade for a nominal fee – just get in touch with us.

If you don’t buy the boxset, but would still like to get a copy of Rockman, discs are now available on (100% free and only while stock lasts).

The first batch of boxsets includes one of our Collector’s coins (all gone for this release, sorry!) and all copies of the boxset come with a Space Fantasy Zone postcard and flyer (as long as stock lasts).