We continue to celebrate the Summer of PCE with a beautiful digipak presentation of one of the PCE’s finest, Akumajou Dracula X, along with one of the system’s greatest hidden gems, Force Gear.

The bundle will start shipping in early august. Once again all copies of the first run are individually numbered. This is also your last chance to get one of our Momotarou PCEWorks coins (now gone). Of course the bundle includes both, the deluxe edition of Drac’X and Force Gear.

2016 update: the bundle is now sold out and won’t be restocked.


Akumajou Dracula X has been a fan favorite since its release in late 1993 – about six years after the console’s initial launch. Despite high praises by critics all around the world the title remained a japan-exlusive till long after the console’s death (until it showed up on the Wii’s virtual console lineup in the US in 2010).

In our bundle we offer a beautiful digipak version of this classic. Included is a full color manual (translated into English), a small foldout replica of the two full size ads Konami was running in Japan back in 1993, a bookmark featuring classic Dracula / Vampire Slayer images in byzantine icon art and a metallic Drac’X sticker.

This set only includes the japanese version of the game. The box offers an empty spot to place an additional disc. Translated discs of Drac’X are available from freeturbodiscs.com (for free and only while stock lasts)…


While stock lasts the initial batch of this bundle is accompanied by a energy drink can featuring the classic japanese Drac’X artwork. Cans will be shipped seperately to prevent any damage to the games bundle in case a can gets damaged during transit or starts leaking.  (all gone now)



In addition to Drac’X and to conclude our caravan series we present a working standalone version of Konami’s Force Gear.

Force Gear was – just like Twin Bee Returns – included in Konami’s PC Engine version of Tokimeki Memorial. Even harder to unlock than Twin Bee, many PCE users have heard of Force Gear, but hardly anybody played this on real hardware before. Using the Nanami save game manager it was possible to unlock this on a real PCE systems, but it was hard to manage and it usually meant deleting all your saved games. Our version changes all of that. Just fire up your PCE (or emu of your choice), pop in the CD and have a blast!

What makes Force Gear so special is the high grade of technical perfection put into a hidden title like that. Force Gear is a horizontal shoot’em in which you take the role of a powerful mech fighting your way through some of the largest enemies you’ve ever seen on the PCE to eventually fight the boss battle of your life. The title impressively shows that a conversion of XexeX or other 90s Konami arcade titles wouldn’t have been impossible as suggested by so many.

Of course, we’ll have another contest for you to compete in. All details on our Force Gear contest can be found here.

We have a few extra copies of Force Gear that we can offer outside the bundle. These are available for 29 EUR including shipping.