With the release of our third caravan shoot’em up, we’re happy to annouce another contest!

Included with our latest game bundle comes Force Gear. Force Gear isn’t your typical caravan shoot’em up. To begin with it’s a horizontally scrolling game and it features neither a classic score attack, nor a classic time attack, instead the player is presented with a 3-minute period of invulnerability. But better use these three minutes wisely. The better you play and the faster you destroy all enemies during that run, the more time of invulnerability you got left against the final boss.

Once the counter reaches zero you become destructable and – hell – that final boss will do anything to make that happen.

Force Gear seems easy at first, but it’s hard to master. Playing well will improve your score and in case you don’t believe it: that final boss can be beaten!

Starting today (July 29th) and running till September 13th (extended from September 10th), you’re very much welcome to submit your final score for Force Gear. Just email us! The winner will be rewarded with TWO bundles or boxsets for free (our choice, but we’ll clear the titles with you). Second place gets one bundle or boxset of our choice and third place gets a single game of our choice. The winning places will have to provide video proof of their run and final score (but please don’t email us videos unless we request it).

Best of luck!