Before dedicing on a title or a packaging concept we usually survey a few dozen fans and collectors to see what’s doable and what’s requested. The result of one of these surveys is the Limited Edition Belmont Survival Kit.

Akumajou Dracula X is a special title in the PCE’s library. Released six years after the console’s initial launch in late 1993, it’s considered one of the system’s finest titles – both in terms of gameplay and technical presentation. And while these days every average titles comes in a big LE, back in the days limited editions for games weren’t exactly common.

So, to grant the title its deserved celebration, we put together a gorgeous Limited Edition boxset, called the Akumajou Dracula X Belmont Survival Kit. It features a wooden chest (in vintage wood design) with blue velvet lining. The box includes the deluxe digipak edition of Drac’X along with some neat additional extras: included are one extra metallic sticker, a Dracula X pin, a wooden cross (on a leather necklace) and a life-size wooden stake prop replica – the standard weapon for every serious vampire hunter. The prop replica was especially designed and made for us and it looks absolutely stunning – true movie set quality.

Initially just meant for a few promo giveaways, we have a handful of sets  available for sale. Of course we get that there’s no added gameplay value in nice presentation, but if you’re a fan of really great Limited Editions, you’ll certainly appreciate it. The offer consists of the limited edition boxset and fully includes the GEMS bundle (deluxe digipak version of Drac’X and Force Gear). All boxsets further include one of our limited edition coins.

2016 update: the boxsets are sold out and won’t be restocked. 

Just as the deluxe digipak version, this set only includes the japanese version of the game. Translated discs of Drac’X are available from (for free and only while stock lasts)…