Another caravan shoot’em up, another contest!

Included in our BMT bundle is the neat little caravan rendition of Konami’s original 80s arcade version of Twin Bee. Contrary to Cycho Rider earlier this year, TB Returns isn’t a score attack, but a time attack, meaning the player gets to complete a full level trying to set a new time record.

Starting today (June 18th) and running until August 16th*, you’re welcome to submit your time record for Twin Bee Returns.  Email us your time! The winner will get one of our next bundles or boxset releases for free. Second place gets a single game of our choice. The winning places will have to provide video proof of their time (but please don’t email us videos unless we request it).

(* extended to August 16th due to delivery delays caused by a postal union strike over here)


Thanks once again to anybody who submitted a time to our little contest!
Here are the two winning scores:

#2  –  4:33:21   J.G. in Lomme, France
#1  –  4:26:34   G.A. in Hollywood (Florida), United States

Congratulations! And don’t forget about our Force Gear contest!

Twin Bee Returns - winning time