What’s a caravan shoot’em up good for, when there’s no contest along with it? Obviously we had to change something about that.

Starting today (february 20th) and running for six weeks (april 5th), you’re welcome to submit your Cycho Rider hi-score! Doesn’t matter if you purchased the game from us, already had it and downloading it right now. It’s just a 2-minute game, so everybody’s welcome to compete. (EDIT: extended the deadline to accomodate for longer overseas shipping times)

Email us your score. The winner will get our next two releases for free. Second place gets our next release for free and third place gets a single game of his choice. The winning places will have to provide video proof of their score (so get your buddy to record your run on your cellphone, but please don’t email us videos unless we request it).


Thanks to anybody who submitted a score to our little contest!
Here are the Top 3 scores and the winners of this competition.

#3  –    9,910,573   J.F.T. in Cagnes-sur-mer, France
#2  –  10,788,449   G.A. in Hollywood (Florida), United States
#1  –  11,686,973   I.R. in Kansas City, United States

Congratulations! We will have another contest soon, so watch out for more news here on the blog.