Available for shipping in late november, we’re proud to present our second PC Engine Memories boxset – this time labeled the Turbo Duo Edition. While the first entry took a look at what’s Big in Japan, the second one takes a look at populour titles among Turbo Duo owners. The titles included are Godzilla, Bonk’s Big Adventure and The Dynastic Hero.

Due to a copyright claim by Mr. Victor Ireland on the English voice acting on DEII, the game is no longer included in the PCE Memories boxset.

Once again the boxsets in the first run will be individually numbered and will include one of our PCEWorks coins . The boxset is available at 119 EUR including worldwide shipping. The titles will be available seperately in 2015.

For Godzilla there’s a limited 50x70cm poster available (see snapshot in the Gallery below). The poster itself is free, but you have to add 7 EUR for additional shipping and packaging if you want it (you’ll even get two pieces, rolled of course, not folded).

More shots of our newest addition can be found in the attached galleries.

While the BEST OF JAPAN boxset tried to replicate the look of the original japanese releases, we certainly tried to rectify what T.T.I did to those late Turbo Duo releases in the early to mid 90s.

All titles feature new cover layouts (we got rid of the huge Duo Logo up front), full color english language manuals with fresh layouts (instead of the terribly designed black & white booklets), new CD designs and a sexy spine card for all that just can’t justify adding a game to their collection without one (of course you’re welcome to just get rid of them, if you don’t like them). We hope you like the results! All four games are the english-language US versions of course.

Godzilla (Youtube playthrough) might come as a bit of a surprise, but it’s actually a neat little title with great character and sprite art. The Japanese version did feature a quiz (in japanese language) in between the action levels. The American version (and this one) doesn’t, making Gojira a classic brawler. The original US release also got rid of two Akira Ifukube tracks (the classic Godzilla theme), both of which have been restored in this version.

Bonk 3: Bonk’s Big Adventure (Youtube playthrough) was the great finale to the Bonk (PC Genjin) series on the PC Engine and Turbografx. One of the craziest jump’n’runs out there and a must-have title for every PCE gamer or collector. The CD version of Bonk 3 (with enhanced CD soundtrack) was a USA-exclusive.

The Dynastic Hero (Youtube playthrough) is basically a remixed version of Westone’s Wonderboy V – Monsterworld III. Some of the characters and themes have been changed, but the brilliant gameplay at core along with the beautiful sprite artwork remained. The beautiful CD soundtrack simply makes Dynastic Hero the “better” Wonderboy and one of the most sought-after Turbo Duo titles in general.

The titles will eventually be available individually sometime in 2015. For now they’re available in the PC ENGINE MEMORIES TURBO DUO EDITION boxset.