To be launching in late September (of 2014), what you see above is a beautiful boxset containing four of the PCE’s most iconic titles coming out of Japan. The boxset is called the Best of Japan and included are Renny Blaster, Faussete Amour, Kaze Kiri Ninja Action and Sylphia. The set will first be available as a limited edition of a hundred pieces.

Every limited edition copy includes a collectable PCEWorks coin. Each limited edition boxset is individually numbered. The boxset is available at 119 EUR including worldwide shipping (which is a saving of at least 40 EUR plus postage, if we decide to make the titles available on their own at 39 EUR each in 2015. Could be 49 EUR just as well though).

A few more shots of the actual boxset can be found in the galleries below.

If you’re a PC Engine fan, you’ll probably know all four of the titles included in the PC Engine Memories boxset. If you’re an avid PC Engine collector, you’ll likely even own one or the other already.

Renny Blaster (Youtube playthrough) was one of the last major PCE releases in Japan. Released by NEC in 1995 it’s an interesting mix mix between a belt-scrolling beat’em up and a Castlevania-esque action jump’n’run. The game has a lot of gorgeous cut scenes and a very dark gothic theme (and definitely a very obvious Bishōnen touch).

Faussete Amour by Naxat Soft (Youtube playthrough) was certainly meant as Naxat’s approach on the whole Castlevania topic (and obviously on Konami’s success with the PCE incarnation of the series). Fun fact: while the character in Faussete Amour might seem a bit slow at first, the character’s speed is actually very similar to Belmont’s speed in the original NES Akumajou Dracula.

Kaze Kiri Ninja Action, also by Naxat (Youtube playthrough), might seem like a Shinobi clone at first, but with the enduring enemies and the varity of attacks at the character’s disposal, it’s much more of a belt-scrolling beat’em up than anything else. We always considered it as the ultimate evolution to Irem’s Kung Fu Master.

Sylphia (Youtube playthrough) was released by Tonkinhouse back in days. While Tonkinhouse certainly wasn’t known for its quality releases, the developer behind Sylphia was actually Compile (known for titles like MUSHA on the Mega Drive or Spriggan on the PC Engine). Sylphia starts out slow in the first two levels, but is actually one of the best vertically scrolling shoot’em up on the systems.

Each of the four titles comes with a beautifully and completely redone manual. Spine cards are included of course. More photos of the four invididual titles are available in the galleries below.

The four titles will be available individually in 2015. For now they’re available in the Best of Japan boxset.